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Guangzhou Boxins Technology Co.,Ltd. operates the cultural cause with ingenuity, specializes in exhibitions and protections, improves the level of cultural industry with its own industry model ,Boxins has always stood at the height of national cultural construction, uphold the spirits and feelings of cultural industry, persist in its product research,development and production. Boxins has provided various cultural facilities for museums, galleries, theme exhibition halls and so on, spread its business throughout more than 30 provinces and cities of China.It has become the leading scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the field of professional cultural facilities in south China.

With the acceleration of the national industrial upgrading, put forward the"cultural power" strategy , Boxins does not only confident of the vigorous development of cultural industry, but also continue to improve its exhibition showcases career, furthermore, Boxins will try to bring the environment and facilities construction of the domestic cultural exhibition halls into the deep specialization, intelligent, standardized production customization model, which is in the capacity of a pioneer in full-custom production of cultural facilities.

This will cause a great influence in the industry and lead the comprehensive reform of production and construction mode of domestic exhibition environment, and supporting facilities, and sets "light decoration, emphasizes exhibition, displays exquisitely "institution for the construction of cultural exhibition halls, focuses on the  function of “exhibition” and “display”, improves the level of environmental facilities for exhibitions more professionally, makes cultural relics alive, provides a more effective carrier for the cultural exhibitions to play a key role of public cultural education, creates a new mode of exhibition environment and facilities construction, echoing the general trend and strategy of national industrial upgrading and cultural power.